How to Remove Urine Stains from The Mattresses

All of us come across those tense occasions when our beloved pet riddles the mattress with urine stains etc. Now, of course, we love our pets and can’t do much about it but start the process of mattress urine stain removal.

And no matter if the pet is well trained, there will still be certain days like this. So it is of utmost significance to know about the various steps involved in mattress sanitization the remove urine stains of the mattress.

Mattress Urine Stain Removal
Mattress Urine Stain Removal

Below We have Explored The Entire Sequence of Steps Involved in Cleaning Those Stains.

The Cleaning Up Act!

Sometimes the whole battle is lost upfront when you are either lazy enough to ignore the mess or not sure about how to go for it.

It is this well-advised that as soon as you a lot the urine, try cleaning the entire urine before it wets the mattress.

Remember, the earlier you act, the better the chances of your mattress being exempted from stubborn stains.

After It Dries Up

Then comes the deadly part where after the urine dries out, the foul odour sets into the mattress fibres thus spoiling both your mattress as well as the vibrant atmosphere in your living room.

At this time we must use a towel, or preferably a paper towel over the entire spot and try to soak up as much urine as possible. By standing on the towel for a prolonged period of time we can ensure that the urine is absorbed around the affected spots.

The Mystery Solution

Now we come to prepare a solution that may absorb all the remaining urine but in essence, it will remove the foul smell around the whole mattress.

To do this we mix up two cups each of vinegar and warm water along with four cups of baking soda. This solution, when applied to the soiled area, will render the stains and smell alike ineffective.

Remember to apply the prepared solution for maximum benefit we may use a spray bottle and spritz across the entire affected area on the mattress. After spraying it is necessary to wait for around ten to fifteen minutes. 

This is the time the solution normally takes to show it’s magic. After being allowed to sit inside the mattress properly, the solution of warm water, vinegar and baking soda then break the molecules of dust particles and stain.

Time to Blot It

We must always keep a small piece of microfibre cloth in hand before starting the entire process of mattress stain removal.

Now after the solution has been allowed to settle for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, use a very clean piece of cloth to blot the solution.

Also using the cloth piece wipe off any spills of the solution on unaffected parts of the mattress.

Heavier Stains?  Try This!

For much heavier stains, sprinkling baking soda directly on the stain will give us the best possible results.

As explained above the baking soda and vinegar combination is effective enough to break the molecules and strong bonds in the stain. If allowed to properly settle down inside the fibres of the mattress around the affected area for fifteen minutes, the stain will change both in nature and colour.

The heaviest stain will also be almost washed away while the colour changes from darker shades to very light greyish tone.

Best Urine Stain Removal
Best Urine Stain Removal

Need Any Further Assistance? Our Well Trained Professionals are Here to Help You. 

Although the above steps should wash away your worries along with the stubborn stain, it is highly recommended to get in touch with professionals if the stain persists.

We at Squeaky Green Clean provide Local Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne to clean urine stains on the mattress of any design.

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