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Have you ever noticed a difference in the quality and quantity of airflow from your duct after its cleaning? Yes, it happened in front of our eyes when we used the duct cleaning solutions of Squeaky Green Clean. They are true professionals and are experts in duct cleaning services. A big thank you!

Ray Howerton   

Prompt & Trustworthy:Prompt, professional and reliable. These three words describe Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne in the best possible way. I am a regular customer here and have no problem whatsoever with any of their carpet steam cleaning services.

- Geri McMahon Havens   

Expert Carpet Water Extraction
This testimonial is being written to share to my experience with Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne that provided an expert carpet water extraction service at my home a few days ago. We were terrified to see our carpets being drowned in water when the washing machine overflowed due to some reason. For a few minutes we didn’t know what to do but thanks to my sister who had the contact number of Squeaky Green Clean and called them up. A team of 4 cleaners arrived on the site in no time and extracted all the water from the carpet. After 3 days of work and drying processes, finally we got our carpets back. Thank you so much for such an expert service.

Angela Mawer   

Professional Carpet Cleaners Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne is a highly professional company providing utmost level of professionalism through their quality services. I have used their carpet cleaning and carpet sanitizing services thrice in last one year and have had a nice experience.

Yann Sagot   

Grout Cracks Fixed
We got our grout cracks fixed by Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne last week. The job was done in an extremely professional way with no mess at all. Thank for a nice experience.

Alex Georgiev   

All Pet Stains and Odours Gone:Having pets at home is fun but is definitely risky for your precious carpets. And nobody understands the dilemma of choosing between your pets and your carpets than the ones who own both. But Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne solved our problem by becoming our true partners in taking care of our carpets, lounges, upholstery and what not. We call them every six months for pet stain and odour removal and have a healthy atmosphere at home. Thanks!

- Tracey Geissler   

Great job done on the carpet and couch cleaning:Its been awhile since I have experienced really great customer service from a company but they didn't fail to deliver! We booked our lounge in to be professionally cleaned and are delighted by the results. [name removed] our technician arrived on time and was delightful to deal with. He clearly explained the process step by step and kept me updated throughout the whole clean. To be honest I don't think I have ever seen anyone so genuinely excited to get stains out from a couch and it was refreshing to see someone so enthusiastic about their job. The worst part was when he had finished cleaning the couch and our puppy decided to run in and jump on the lounge leaving dirty foot prints on the freshly cleaned lounge. But [name removed] professionally proceeded to get those foot prints out with no fuss. I must also point out that great care was taken not to dirty or damage out home with the equipment that was brought in - he even placed corner guards on the walls to stop the cables and equipment from leaving any damage. Overall we were extremely impressed with this company and would certainly recommend them to anyone needing, upholstery or carpet cleaning. We will be booking our rug in for cleaning soon! Thanks


Carpets Restored from Washing Machine Leakage:I had to call Squeaky Green Clean when my washing machine leaked and my carpet got badly spoiled. But these guys came on time and did a fine quick job to restore my carpet from water damage. I would like to give my gratitude to the whole team for being so efficient.

- Szilvi Malina   

Great quality job: They did a great job. good communication. turned out like they said it would - a few stains I was not expecting to be able to be removed came out really well. turned up on time and the job took about as long as they said it would. price was very competitive - I got several quotes prior to selecting this firm.


Testimonial *I own a boat and on a whim I decided to have a little spruce up carpets and curtains mattress and these guys were absolutely fantastic. It was like a one stop shop they provide so many services. It was great just having to deal with the one company and not a heap of tradies.

Author *Patty Fitzpatrick   

Same Day Heater Unit Servicing :I was advised to get my heater unit servicing done before the season came and so I followed the same and used Squeaky Green Clean’s service. They provided same day service at no extra charge and my heater unit was cleaned and checked properly on that very day. Thank you.

Éva Szabo   

Quick Mattress Water Restoration
Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne delivered a commendable quick mattress water restoration service at my home in east Melbourne. We didn’t know that mattresses could be saved from water damage and thought we will have to purchase new mattress only. But thanks to this company that saved our money along with our mattresses.

Kenny Cee   

We recently had our blinds Squeaky Green Clean, to a standard we were very happy with. The cleaning was a gift from us to our mother as a birthday present, and we feel for $400, the service provided was excellent.
The blinds look like new now.



Complete House Cleaning:Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne performed complete house cleaning last week for us. All I have to say is that they were really impressive. My entire family found them to be professional and honest. I was especially astounded with the results of upholstery and carpet cleaning. And even my curtains have been cleaned thoroughly and I can find no stains in my house now. Thank you so much for the effort and you guys really deserve to be called the best cleaners in Melbourne.

– Meg   

Excellent Grout Recolouring When Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne visited my home they said the grouts in the shower area were too dirty to be cleaned. For a second I thought they would ask me to get them replaced. But to my astonishment they suggested for recolouring and I found that there was another way to make your grouts look clean. My shower area looks pretty again. Thanks to the Squeaky team.

Debbie Grear   

Testimonial *I own a boat and on a whim I decided to have a little spruce up carpets and curtains mattress and these guys were absolutely fantastic. It was like a one stop shop they provide so many services. It was great just having to deal with the one company and not a heap of tradies.

Author *Patty Fitzpatrick   

Convenient to Get Upholstery Cleaners from Them:I used Squeaky Green Clean for the first time for upholstery cleaning a few days ago. I will definitely use them again as well as recommend their service to all. They gave me an appointment within a few days and the cleaners arrived early so I could still go to work. My upholstery was cleaned using the steam cleaning method and the results were breathtaking. Pet stained areas were treated well and now the upholstery is devoid of any stains or odours. Congratulations to the team for running a great business!

- Alex Desmond Johnson   

Got My Bond Back: I got my bond back because of Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne. They did a fine job cleaning every corner of my house as part of their end of lease cleaning. Thank you!

- Fawaidul Putri   

Best Rug Restoration :No one knows better than Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne how to restore old rugs in a fine way. I still wonder how they charge such a minimal price for such extensive and effective cleaning service. Impressed!

- OLan Ramschie   

Professional and Compassionate Duct Cleaners:I had called a duct cleaner to get my ducts cleaned. When he left I could not turn my duct on once it was switched off. I felt pissed off but that duct cleaner denied to rectify the problem and ignored my calls. I thought of finding another cleaner and found Squeaky Green Clean through Google. The guys agreed to help me considering it as an emergency and came over in a few hours. They repaired the duct and charged me a nominal amount. Now I know whom to call when my ducts need cleaning or repairing.

Kathlyn Chua   

Air Conditioning Cleaning Specialists
Squeaky Green Clean has some of the most specialized air conditioner cleaners working with them. I have been using their air conditioning cleaning services for more than 10 months now. Apart from my air conditioners at home, I got my mom’s ac cleaned by them, and also suggested their name at my office. Now even many my manager always calls them whenever we need any kind of duct cleaning service done at our office. Great service at great price!

Jamie Jean   

Cost-effective Duct Repair It is threatening to realize that the heating or cooling duct is not working fine. I was afraid for my family and was ready to pay any amount to get it checked and repaired the same day. But Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne provided a very cost-effective solution for my problem, even when they could sense my desperation to get it done. They didn’t ask a single extra penny for same day service.

Cara Brice   

Mattress Sanitizing I have two kids at home and they are too young to understand toilet training yet. So the mattresses have to suffer the most. Apart from the smell I am more concerned about the hygienic factor. So I used Squeaky Green Clean for mattress sanitizing and now I am sure that the mattresses are safe, clean, and healthy for my kids.

James Harris   

Excellent Onsite Curtains Cleaning:I have been sending my curtains for offsite cleaning before I came across Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne. I didn’t know my curtains could be cleaned at home without even removing them. The team came with all the equipment, moved the furniture on their own, and cleaned my curtains in a splendid way. I didn’t have to part with my curtains for even a single day and they look beautifully clean now!

- Treena Stadlwieser   

My Floors Shine Now:Shining floors definitely look nicer than the filthy ones. And when you know that they are not just clean but hygienic as well then that adds to the happiness. Thank you Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne for a fantastic tile and grout cleaning.

Mariajose Parra   

Leather Upholstery Restored
I am writing this testimonial to share our experience of a nice leather upholstery cleaning service. These people are true to their profession and know how best to please their customers by providing satisfactory results.

Kristenn Montie   

I paid $150 for a filter that was cable tied to my intake air grille, the cable ties stick out and there is no way to take the filter out to properly clean. But these guys done tremendous job in replacing the duct filter. Would love to recommend.

Author *Monica   

No Allergies with Cleaner Mattresses:Thanks Squeaky Green Clean for a prompt visit to our home. The guys who came over explained their business in a very professional way, ensuring that we understood everything. We got our mattresses and bedding covers sanitized by their special treatment. It is a nice treatment for people with allergies and for those who wish to avoid allergies.

- Klara Gazzini   

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