Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne- Squeaky Green Clean is the place to be. It is the hub for all your tile and grout restoration needs, where you get nothing less than best. Customer satisfaction is our prime responsibility, which is why our professional tile and grout cleaners are trained in a way to get you the desired results. From kitchen tile cleaning to bathroom tile cleaning, and driveways cleaning to patio cleaning, we can treat any hard surface with ease and perfection. No matter what the type of your tiles is, our cleaners make them look newly installed once again. We are also available for the same day services, so call us at 0407 727 117 and make your booking for tile and grout cleaning Melbourne now.

Keep Your Tiles and Grout New Looking!

Squeaky Green Clean prides themselves on many professional cleaning services for loyal customers as well as first-time customers. Services like tile and grout cleaning, restoration, and sealing of tiles and natural surfaces are one of the main businesses. Our experts provide top-notch services for tile and grout cleaning Melbourne at both residential and commercial spaces. We also provide cost effective maintenance programs and solutions to enhance and the life of tiles.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne
Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne Services

Bathroom Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Bathrooms are used daily and tend to become dirty instantly. In case the bathrooms are not well ventilated, they can suffer from black mould. You must have definitely noticed black markings on grout lines. This happens due to bacterial growth. Another major issue in bathrooms is discolouring of the grout lines which could be because of soap spray. If tiles are made of natural stone and are not sealed well, it could leave marks forever. It is better to treat tiles soon rather than repenting later.

Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Grout is a porous surface which tends to collect dirt, grime, and dust very easily. Even regular mopping won’t help much. With time they become dark and start looking ugly, and become a house for bacterial growth. They are extremely unhygienic especially if you have kids and pets crawling on the floor all day. That is why grout lines are called the main culprit for stained and clumsy tile areas. So, get your tile grout lines restored with the help of professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne.

Grout Colour Sealing Melbourne

This is another best way to make your tiles look attractive and clean once again. We at Squeaky Green Clean offer the best services for regrouting your tiles with colour sealer. And the quality we use for sealer is unbeatable and keep your grouts in good condition for many years. We use the epoxy sealer that does not only make your tiles look clean but also resist the stains and dirt build up. Our specialised services guarantee your tiles against chipping, cracking and staining for years, even after the regular use.

Commercial Floor case

We take all commercial tile and grout cleaning work extremely seriously and follow all safety and health regulations. We are highly efficient and flexible in commercial cleaning. We understand the importance of your business and provide services at hours that don’t disturb the smooth running of your business and cause minimal disruption to your employees.

Tile Sealing Melbourne

Tile sealing is a great way to keep your tiles cleaned and stain free. Grout lines present in between the tiles attract grime, contaminants, stains and impurities which ultimately degrade the entire look of your tiled surface. That is why tile sealing in Melbourne is one of the most convenient and most prefered ways to maintain the charm of your tiles. The professional tile and grout cleaners of our team offer you the tremendous services for tile sealing that helps protect your tiles from cracking and getting dirty.

Tile Sealing
Tile Sealing

Tiles Regrouting Melbourne

Tile regrouting is another one of the widely used methods for restoring your tiled areas to new. Your floor and wall tiles are usually in the fine condition but grout lines start to look dull, or get cracked and loose. These are usually the grout lines that leave a bad impression onto the entire surface. But worry not, the team of Squeaky Green Clean will restore your tiles, with their tile regrouting services in Melbourne. Whether you want kitchen tiles restoration or shower tiles restoration, you’ll only get the best results by our professionals for tile and grout Melbourne.

High-Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

One of the major services we offer for tile and grout cleaning Melbourne include high-pressure cleaning. Our professional tile cleaners stay up to date with the best techniques and are equipped with high power equipment, that helps them clean hardest surfaces like concrete floors, driveways, patios, and pathways. With the help of high-pressure cleaning, we are able to treat slippery surfaces, remove ingrained dirt, stains and sticky materials like chewing gum.

Tile Restoration Services Melbourne

With about 20 years of experience in tile and grout cleaning Melbourne, our cleaners offer the top-notch services for tile restoration services. With a vast range of tools required, we can fix and restore all kinds of tiles enduring tear and wear for years. Our tile restoration services include cleaning the tile, removing dirt, stains, and contaminants, fixing the minor cracks, and getting the tiles rid of mould growth. We have an efficient, friendly and experienced staff, who knows the best ways to restore the shine of your tiled area.

Types of Tiles We Can Clean and Restore
Bluestone Tile Cleaning
Travertine Tile Cleaning
Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Porcelain Tile Cleaning
Slate Tile Cleaning
Terrazzo Tile Cleaning
Granite Tile Cleaning
Quarry Tile Cleaning
Terracotta Tile Cleaning
Limestone Tile Cleaning
Marble Cleaning
Granite Cleaning
Sandstone Cleaning

Our Experience in Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

We have a huge range of tools and equipment. This makes it possible for us to clean your commercial place in the shortest time. Our equipment completely clears the stains and other marks and saves your business money which you otherwise spend on replacing tiles. Since we have experience in cleaning all variations of man-made and natural stone tiles, we are able to quickly choose the best tool to clean them and efficiently finish our task of cleaning.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

  • We first spray a solution and let it stay on the surface for 20 minutes to let the accumulated soil, dirt and contamination loosen up.
  • Then we scrub the surface well and rinse with high pressure heated water and cleaning solution. This way all the contamination is wiped away.
  • After this, high powered air movers are used to dry tiles and grout lines.
  • Finally, a sealant is applied to prevent future contamination. If you like, a coloured sealant can also be applied to give a newer look to your tiles.
Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Why choose us?

  • Our experts restore the original look of your tiles
  • We are available 24*7 to assist you in Melbourne
  • We are very quick. We complete cleaning within 4-5 hours
  • We use eco-friendly solutions and techniques to clean your surfaces
  • We give you the best and most economical packages in the market

We help you achieve far better results than even regular hand cleaning can ever do. Our trained experts first inspect and then decide the treatment process. We give you a properly customized service as per your needs. For more information or quotation, you can contact us on 0407 727 117.

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