Get Rid Of Blood Stains From The Mattress

Stains are very common on your mattress. But sometimes an injury or wound can result in spilling of blood on your mattress and leave blood stains. Blood stains are nasty and very repulsive. Blood stains can lead to contamination of mattress by bacteria and pathogens. Blood stains, therefore, can directly have an impact on your physical and mental health. Psychologically we are wired to get frightened or disturbed by the sight of blood. So its suggested that get you to follow blood stain removal from a mattress instantly. Professional mattress cleaning services can get rid of blood stains on your mattress properly and provide mattress sanitization as well. But there are many ways you can actually take care of Blood Stain Removal from a mattress yourself. We are providing you with a simple guide on blood stain removal from a mattress be it old or fresh. Keep reading and follow the instructions given below.

Remove Blood Stain from Mattress
Remove Blood Stain from Mattress

For Fresh and Simple Bloodstains

Things you Need Are;

  • Detergent
  • Salt
  • Iced water or cold water


Blood stain removal can be carried out easily in case of fresh stains by using detergent or salt. Pour some icy cool water on the fresh blood stain as temperature drop will make blood to coagulate and harden decreasing the fluidity. After pouring cold water you should sprinkle some salt or detergent directly on the blood stain and make sure you cover it completely. Salt will help in breaking up bonds between blood and fabrics and also remove the blood sticking to the fabric. Leave the salt on the stain for half an hour and finish by cleaning the stained patch with a wet cloth. Rub the cloth repeatedly on the stain to get rid of red blood stain left and repeat necessary. Dry your mattress after completing blood stain removal from the mattress.

For Old And Hard Blood Stain Removal

Things you need are ;

  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle
  • Simple cloth or towel
Blood Stain Removal with Baking Soda
Blood Stain Removal with Baking Soda


  • Step 1: Start by sprinkling some baking soda on the blood stain and cover the entire stain with baking soda. Now prepare a solution of white vinegar and warm water both taken in equal parts. Pour this solution in an empty spray bottle and use it to spray it on the bloodstain with baking soda. Leave the solution and baking soda on the stain for half an hour as it will do blood stain removal and provide mattress sanitization. Baking soda and vinegar will also get rid of germs and help in removal of blood stain by extracting it from the fabric and removing the blood completely.
  • Step 2: After half an hour you will see soda pastings on the stain. Remove these chunks of soda pasting by scrubbing and rubbing it with a brush. Follow a thorough mattress cleaning by a vacuum and clean the stained patch on the mattress with it and remove any amount of soda or blood clots left.
Mattress Blood Stain Removal
Mattress Blood Stain Removal

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