Explore Carpet Cleaning Methods With Us;

Explore Carpet Cleaning Methods With Us;

Whether it is a high, medium or low pile carpet, all carpets are bound to get dirty. But even before we talk about carpet cleaning, let us understand why people prefer carpets to other floorings. Who does not like to stretch out on the floor after a hectic day at work? People who hate noise often prefer carpets because your shoes never make any noise on the carpet as they do on hardwood or Tile flooring. Carpets are not slippery like the other hard floorings.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Procedures and Reasons for Cleaning your Carpet

There are different types of Carpet Steam Cleaning procedures. Vacuum cleaning, dry cleaning, chemical-based cleaning, steam cleaning and many more.

Professional Carpet Cleaners have a Lot of Options With Good Expertise at Hand

  • Dry Cleaning

    Low moisture cleaning treatment is becoming popular these days because it shortens the drying time. Dry compounds are used in this cleaning process. Certain chemicals may be used to break the layer that binds the dirt to the carpet. This is less time consuming and does not require extensive labor. Dry clean process no doubt ensures proper carpet sanitization.
  • Vacuum Cleaning: 

    Unlike the vacuum cleaning in our houses, professional vacuum cleaning is a difficult process. Experts take into consideration the shape, size, texture and even colors of your carpet before they start their job. They may first use a strong dust loosening procedure to remove dust that has settled in the carpet and then use super suction vacuum cleaners to give you the ‘good as new’ look.
  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning can be definitely done by using your vacuum cleaner at home but once in a while, you need to give it for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. You will definitely see the difference post cleaning. If you have pets and kids in your house, you definitely need to clean it frequently. The need for cleaning the carpet could arise out of multiple situations
Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal
  • Accumulation of dust or dirt over a period of time
  • Foul odour from the carpet
  • For carpet sanitization
  • For carpet stain removal
  • For regular cleaning

When the experts are summoned for carpet cleaning or Carpet Stain Removal Services they check every single detail of the carpet from it’s made to what is making it dirty. They check for any stains, categorize it and decide what steps need to be taken for cleaning it. The material of the carpet is also considered because you cannot treat nylon and polyester the same way. 

We Clean It to a Sparkle

Nowadays it has become difficult for people to do household cleaning, let alone carpet sanitization. We understand this is because of your busy schedules. You may at times step back because of your budget. Maybe you are looking for someone who can take care of your elegant carpet but you are unable to find the right people. Your search ends here. We are equipped with the latest technologies required for cleaning any exquisite rug or expensive carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

We make sure we do not use harsh chemicals in cases of carpet stain removal which may ultimately lead to disturbing the delightful appearance of your carpet.

We Squeaky Green Clean are a team of experts certified to deal with any complicated cleaning process. We also offer damage protection, which is again rare with the amount of expertise we have. But in case if it happens you are covered. so call at 0407 727 117