What are Different Methods to Clean The Curtains?

No matter how much ever you be careful but curtains and drapes get attracted to dirt, allergens and stains. These dirt particles residing in the curtains not only damage the fabric but also spread some serious breathing problems to members living in the home. It is very important to clean the curtain regularly for the better health of your family and to also maintain the original look of your curtains. Cleaning and maintaining curtains is a really difficult task. Many homeowners do not know the different types of methods to clean the curtains. There are various types of techniques which you can use to make your curtain free form all the contaminants. Different types of fabric are cleaned with different types of methods. Below are some methods for curtain cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Best and Effective Methods For Curtain Cleaning

  1. Vacuuming:

    There are many methods of cleaning curtains and one among them is vacuuming. It is very important to vacuum your curtains frequently to remove all the dirt particles and grime stuck to your curtains. You may keep your curtain with a lot of care but opening windows is also important for ventilation. Dirt particles usually come from the outside through the window and doors open. So to keep your curtain in a good condition vacuum it regularly. Choose the best vacuum machine which is suitable for the fabric of your curtain. Apply the right and appropriate method while you vacuum your curtains for effective cleaning.
  2. Dry Cleaning:

    Dry cleaning is one of the most used and effective methods for cleaning curtains. Dry cleaning will help you in removing all the dirt and washes your curtains thoroughly. There are many fabrics which are not suitable for dry cleaning so be careful while choosing this method. If your curtains can be dry cleaned then go ahead. Curtains get a new and fresh look when they are dry cleaned. You can dry clean your curtains at home itself if you know the right method and have appropriate dry cleaner or you can even hire professionals for it.  
  3. Steam Cleaning:

    Usually many stains, dirt and allergens are found on the curtain which not only damages the fabric of your curtains are made up of but these contaminants are dangerous to your family members. Steam cleaning is the most-trusted method when it comes to clean the curtain. You can get hot water steaming machine and clean your curtains. Make sure the solution you use in the hot water extraction method is natural. Do not use any chemical solution as the situation may get worse. Before steam cleaning, ensure to check if your curtains can be steamed cleaned or not. Many fabric indicates no steam cleaning so this is the reason why it is important to identify if the fabric is suitable for this method. Do not take any risk if you do not know how to steam clean the curtains it is better to take professional help.
  4. Sunbath:

    In this method, all you have to do is take your curtains outside under the sun and shake them well. Hang the curtain outside for some time so that it can heave sunbath. This will help in killing all the bacteria and other contaminants present on your curtains. Do not keep your curtains under the sun if you a sign of discolouration. You can just shake them well and get it inside and follow other cleaning methods instead. 
  5. Odour Removal:

    Sometimes you may smell some bad odour which comes from your curtains. To remove these odours you can use sprays or some other sanitizers. This is also a technique of disinfecting the curtain. Many homeowners prefer to deodorize their curtains to increase the life of it. So this is also one of the methods of cleaning the curtains. 
Best Curtain Cleaning
Best Curtain Cleaning

Hire Professionals

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