We proud of our company:

  • We care about our customers and our employees.
  • We treat your home with the utmost respect. Our Cleaning is more thorough than that of other cleaning services.
  • We use enviro-friendly cleaning products and enjoy introducing them in to your home.
  • We provide dry cleaning and Steam cleaning services.
  • We have a dedicated staff on board to answer your calls and emails and give you the personalized service and
    attention you deserve.
  • We ask our customers for feedback from every cleaning that allows our customers to rate each SGC team member’s job in their home.
  • We use a form to evaluate our cleaning and training efforts. Additionally, it provides positive feedback to our team members for work well done and they receive bonuses for every Excellent rating they receive.
  • We provide our cleaners with a checklist to ensure efficiency.
  • We are an environmentally and socially responsible company.