End Of Lease And Bond Back Cleaning Nunawading

The last thing you want to think about when you’re moving house is the cleaning. But if you want your bond back you’re going to have to exert some elbow grease – or save your time and energy and get someone else to do the end of lease cleaning for you.
You’ll forget your bond unless you leave your rental property spick and span for the next tenant. Bond money is normally equivalent to a full month’s rent so is worth cleaning for.
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Why use Squeaky Green Clean end of lease cleaners?

You may be confident that you can handle the clean yourself, but be careful not to underestimate the hard work required.
End of lease cleaning is much more involved than your typical fortnightly clean. You’re often dealing with fixtures and appliances that have never been cleaned – just picture those disgusting insect-filled light fittings!
Rather than spending your weekend knee-deep in dust and grime, it makes sense to leave the demanding task in the hands of Squeaky Green Clean professional cleaning company.

Our End of lease cleaners not only work harder, but smarter. At Squeaky Green Clean we know exactly what real estate agents and landlords are looking for in a clean and we will deliver.

“Our End of Lease Cleaning Package includes:

Cook top, range hood, oven & filter
All cupboards (in & outside)
Sinks and taps, floor mopping—

Shower area
(Shower screens, bath tub and wall tiles)
Clean bowl and seat inside and outside
All mirrors and cupboards, floor mopping—-

General Interior/Lounge & bedrooms:
Dusting blinds, light fittings and remove cobwebs
All windows’ sills(insides)
All skirting board, cabinets, door and light switches…

All floors vacuumed and hard floor mopped

Sweep floor and Wash windows( inside and outside)

And also do:
Wash and scrub internal walls
Wash or wipe of blinds
Wash windows except Balcony windows
Clean furniture or appliances (e.g fridge)”

“We also specialize in carpet steam cleaning.
Combined end of lease cleaning and carpet steam cleaning may receive discounts.

End Of Lease And Bond Back Cleaning NunawadingServices we provide are:

  • End of Lease Cleaning Nunawading
  • Carpet steam cleaning Nunawading
  • Bond back cleaning and vacate cleaning Nunawading
  • Window Cleaning Nunawading
  • Upholstery Cleaning Nunawading
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning Nunawading
  • Builder cleaning Nunawading
  • Home regular or one-off cleaning Nunawading
  • Office cleaning Nunawading

More Services:

  • General cleaning Nunawading
  • Vacating Cleaning Nunawading
  • Spring Cleaning Nunawading
  • Pre-sale Cleaning Nunawading
  • Move In Cleaning Nunawading
  • Move Out Cleaning Nunawading
  • Residential Cleaning Nunawading
Balcony Window Cleaning Nunawading

End Of Lease Nunawading

Sweep floor cleaning Nunawading

Best Cleaning Solution In Nunawading

bathroom sink cleaning Nunawading

Bathroom Sink Cleaning Nunawading

bathroom Tile cleaning

Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Bond cleaning Nunawading

Bond Cleaning Nunawading

kitchen floor cleaning Nunawading

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Nunawading


Squeaky Green Clean Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

End Of Lease And Bond Back Cleaning Nunawading

End Of Lease And Bond Back Cleaning Nunawading

Squeaky Green Clean commits to perform end of lease cleaning services in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001. We have also been certified and assessed for meeting the requirements laid down by AS/NZS ISO 9001 for activities comprising end of lease cleaning, bond back cleaning, general cleaning, residential cleaning, vacating cleaning, pre-sale cleaning, move-out cleaning, move-in cleaning, and spring cleaning.
We are an unconventional and progressive cleaning service provider in Nunawading and we work to deliver the optimum level of quality in our services. The aim of our company is to make safe and superior quality cleaning services accessible to our customers and ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled at all times.
Squeaky Green Clean supports this commitment by providing ample training and enough developmental opportunities to our staff. All our staff members are made to understand the company goals and make sure that they are implemented and upheld in consensus with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
We, as a company, constantly keep elaborating our cleaning processes and services to achieve the above targets.
As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules, the workers of Squeaky Green Clean Nunawading will be answerable for delivering finest quality end of lease cleaning, bond back cleaning, general cleaning, residential cleaning, vacating cleaning, pre-sale cleaning, move-out cleaning, move-in cleaning, and spring cleaning services.

Got Peace of Mind with their End of Lease Cleaning

Great work and professional experience led to our peace of mind when we used their end of lease cleaning services for our Northern Melbourne based home. They cleaned every corner of the home with such precisions that our real estate agent could not find a single fault and had to give our bond back. You guys helped me get my money back, thanks a lot!
- Sam

Guaranteed Bond Back with Squeaky Green Clean

These guys are professional bond back cleaners and we knew that when they reached our home just in time and started analyzing our home first. On asking they said that they wanted to be sure that no unclean place is left to cause any troubles later. And we knew then that we have hired the right team. They worked hard for hours and then asked us to inspect the house and see if we are satisfied. We surely were satisfied to see our home transformed into the one in which we had moved in four years ago. Their guaranteed bond back service surely works.
- Luther

They got my Bond Back!

I was much tensed when moving out of my old home where I was living as a tenant. My landlord is very strict about cleanliness and I didn’t have the time to do proper cleaning. But then I found Squeaky Green Clean and called them for end of lease and bond back cleaning. They did such a fine job that I got my bond back without any trouble at all. Thank you so much for your splendid service.
- Abbey

End of Lease Cleaning

I chose them for end of lease cleaning because they offered guaranteed results. And I got my bond back without any problem because the floors were utterly clean.
- Daisy

Location: Nunawading, VIC, Australia

At Squeaky Green Clean Nunawading offer a wide variety of rug cleaning methods. Call us on 0407727117 to book Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading based
At Squeaky Green Clean, we offer a wide variety of rug cleaning methods, all of which are promoted by rug manufacturers as being the safest method for their particular rug type.

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Our cleaning technicians have undergone extremely thorough training in cleaning different types of area rugs – from everyday wool rugs to antique oriental rugs. Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning requires extreme precision and skill. This cleaning process involves a delicate balance of pH solutions and should only be done by true professionals.
Our oriental rug cleaning specialists at SGC understand and respect the amount of money you have invested in these prize pieces of artwork, and we can assure you that we will treat them as delicately as we would our own.
For the majority of carpet and rugs, we recommend rug steam cleaning, which is among the most effective cleaning methods to date, and even better, it’s entirely ‘green cleaning’ as it only uses hot water as its cleaning solution.
With our forceful cleaning machines, this hot water is injected deep into the fibers of your area rug, agitating the dirt, dust mites, etc. loose, and then all of this is sucked up through powerful vacuums (The result is an extremely clean rug or carpet and one that you don’t have to worry about any cleaning solution residue left behind).

Rug Cleaning Nunawading

Rug Cleaning Nunawading

PERSIAN AND ORIENTAL RUGS Cleaning in Nunawading:

Stain removal for area rugs is just as specific a process as is general cleaning for area rugs. We have a variety of cleaning solutions specific to each different rug types and fabrics.
Although you may worry that your dropped coffee mug or track of grease in from the garage has doomed your area rug to the trash can, we will apply our knowledge to remove the stains completely or as much as possible (It is best to treat a stain as quickly as you can, and making a call to a professional is the best idea).

General carpet cleaning solutions aren’t suitable for many types of rugs, and many simply don’t work.
At SGC, we have tried and true methods of removing many different types of issues from many different types of carpeting and rugs.

Unfortunately, with all of the coupons you receive in the mail for low-cost professional rug cleaning, one would think that anyone could start up a company and offer “professional” rug cleaning services.
The differentiation, however, comes when you realize they only offer one type of cleaning, despite the type of rug you have.

If you are searching for rug cleaning, please call SGC to learn more about how we can meet your needs. Whether you are looking for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning or cleaning for your antique oriental rugs, we will surely impress you with the results we provide.

Rugs Stain Removal Nunawading

Rugs Stain Removal Nunawading

Quality Services for Rug Cleaning Laundry Nunawading

Some rugs require dry cleaning only, such silk rugs, and other rug types can handle a certain amount of liquid, For this type of rugs, we have a state of art specialised rug laundry service.
We pick up and delivery throughout the Nunawading metropolitan area.
Squeaky Green Clean ensures that your rugs are always taken good care of when they are picked up for transport. They are cleaned, dried and returned back to you.

Rug Cleaning Laundary Services Nunawading

Rug Cleaning Laundry Services Nunawading

Other Services in Nunawading

  • Persian Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Anatolian Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Turkish Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Silk Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Wool Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Shag Pile Rug Cleaning Nunawading
  • Rug Stain Removal Nunawading
  • Rug Pet Odour Removal Nunawading
  • Rug Sanitising Nunawading

Rug Stain Removal Nunawading

Are you also a fan of rugs? We too. You love owning them and we love cleaning them. Rugs come in different colours, designs and fabrics and make your home look enchanting. But as you know stains happen, your rugs are no exception, they get stained too. There are also a number of commercial cleaning solutions that claim to remove the stains from rugs completely. But, one thing you need to know is, not the same cleaning solution will do the trick for all kinds of rugs. So, how will you know what to choose? Well, the simple solution is to call the professionals for your rug cleaning and rug stain removal Nunawading. Squeaky Green Clean is very-well efficient and equipped with all the necessary tools and cleaning agents to make your rugs look new once again.

Rug Sanitising Nunawading

You do not realise but your rugs are home to an unimaginable number of bacteria and germs, which means a whole lot of diseases in the home. And you certainly don’t want to have such a source of disease at your place. The regular cleaning you do at home is not sufficient for the removal of germs and infections from your rugs. You need professionals for that. Our cleaners are the experts in the cleaning and sanitisation of rugs. We treat your rugs depending on their fabric type, and use eco-friendly chemicals that are completely safe for humans and pets, but hard on the allergens present in your rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our team of professionals follow these steps for your rug cleaning in Nunawading:

  • Inspection

    : First of all, our cleaners will do a thorough inspection of your rugs to identify the areas to be treated, fading area, stains, and where the rugs need repair. It is only after inspection, we decide the method for your rug cleaning.

  • Rug Vacuuming

    : Our cleaners vacuum your rugs using heavy duty commercial vacuums. Pre-vacuuming is done to remove, dust, dirt and other loose debris from the rugs. Plus, vacuuming helps in increasing the life of your rugs.

  • Pre-Conditioning of Rugs

    : In this step, we treat your rugs with appropriate cleaning that suits the best for you rug fibre. The solution is applied on both, back and front sides of rugs. We use an only eco-friendly cleaning on rugs that ensure no damage to your rugs fibre and colour. The cleaning solution is left for several minutes on the rugs that loosen the grime, stains, and dirt in the fibre.

  • Agitation:

    This is the main step, where you have applied solution is agitated into the fibre with help of rotary brushes. So that every inch of the rug is getting absorbed into the solution.

  • Rinsing:

    Afterwards, the rug is washed multiple time, the rinse cycle continues until there is no residue of the cleaning solution is left in your rug. Once, the solution is rinsed from the rug, we use the powerful method to remove the excess moisture from the rugs.

  • Fast Drying:

    With help of heavy-duty vacuums, we speed dry your rugs, you can bring them to use without having to wait for a long time.

  • Rug Deodorising:

    In the last when the rugs are cleaned and dried up, we apply a deodoriser to your rugs, which make them fresh once again.

Rug Mould Removal Services in Nunawading

Your floor coverings are most prone to the attack of allergens, and mould growth is one such situation. Mould growth on the rugs is the reason for a number of health disorders at your home or workplace. It’s the main cause of breathing and skin allergies, and traditional DIY methods, usually seem ineffective in front of heavy mould infestations. However, our cleaning team possess high-quality cleaning solutions and advanced skills for the rug mould removal process. So, bear no more and get rid of mould from your rugs with expert services in Nunawading at affordable prices.

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry Nunawading

Rug Cleaning Nunawading

Rug Cleaning Nunawading

Silk Rug Cleaning Nunawading

Silk Rug Cleaning Nunawading

Rug Sanitising

Rug Sanitising

Rug Cleaning And Rug Laundry

I had never used cleaning services for my exorbitant Persian rugs. It is a pride possession of our family and I was never sure if a professional cleaner could do justice to it. But recently I noticed that this rug required professional cleaning and then I found Squeaky Green Clean through Google. I am so happy to have used their services because they simply revived my rug and gave it a new life. It looks splendid now, just like it looked when I was a child. Do use their rug cleaning services because they are truly a magician!
- Rodriguez

All stains gone from Wool Rug

Recently my special wool rug got stained when a guest of ours spilled some coffee on it. We tried to clean it with damp cloth but the stain was tough. We came across Squeaky Green Clean and asked for help. Fortunately they said they could handle all kinds of stains so we made an appointment. A team of 3 people arrived at my home 15 minutes before the scheduled time and did a serious stain removal on my rug. After drying, the next day, we noticed the coffee stain was completely gone. Thanks for restoring our favorite wool rug.
- Sadie

Recommended Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

I would recommend their professional rug cleaning to people living in Melbourne. Sadly, they serve in Melbourne only otherwise this level of quality cleaning service should be used throughout Australia. We have been getting all our precious and everyday rugs cleaned by them for last 3 years and have no complaint ever since. Keep up the good work.
- Kaden

Fantastic services cleaner

The carpet was a tough one but Squeaky Green Clean the team managed to get out the stubborn stains where possible. Have always used Fantastic Cleaners. Today’s job was exceptional. Thank you Squeaky Green Clean the team for your professional customer service and detailed clean.
- Ryan

Location: Nunawading, VIC, Australia