Steps For Duct Mould Removal

Steps For Duct Mould Removal

Ducts are respirators of our homes. Not only they provide us with fresh air to breathe in but also help in the removal and exchange of air around your home and surroundings. Proper maintenance of our ducts is required to help in removal of bad air and keep the quality and hygiene of ducts intact. Routine vacuum duct cleaning also helps in controlling the withering and help in the extension of life and quality of our ducts. Ducts are prone to the settlement of dust, dirt and dead skin cells but sometimes our ducts can get infested with black mould. Duct mould removal is a hectic task often requiring the help of professional duct cleaning services. But there are many ways that you can yourself carry out for duct mould removal. Thus we are providing you with a guide on removing black mould from your ducts.

Duct Mould Removal
Duct Mould Removal

Materials You Need;

1. Detergent or liquid soap
2. Baking Soda
3. Vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose
4. Air Vent brush
5. A microfiber cloth
6.  Cordless Drill

Steps for Duct Mould Removal:

  • Step 1:

    Before starting duct mould removal you should first remove all the lids and registers of vents and ducts. Wash these registers in detergent water and rub them with wet clothes so as to remove mud and soil that is stuck in it. Clean them again and again and make sure you dry them as soon as you can. Use a long brush and some detergent water to clean the walls and floors of your ducts. Wipe the places extensively and remove hard stuck mud and dirt all around your ducts.
  • Step 2:

    Take some amount of baking soda and add this to the detergent-water solution. Baking soda is excellent for duct mould removal. Rub the black layer of mould vigourously by a wet cloth rinsed in baking soda and detergent. Keep rubbing till you remove any sign of blackness all around your ducts. Leave the solution on the walls and floors of ducts as it is and let baking soda further clean and terminate any sign of black mould present inside. Baking soda will also prevent further infestation of mould in ducts.
  • Step 3:

    After the ducts are dried you can use a cordless drill and attach an air vent brush to it. Use this to clean the walls and floors of ducts and remove baking soda and mould left inside. Make sure you clean the walls of ducts thoroughly and no amount of dust and soda is sticking to your ducts
  • Step 4:

    Final step for duct mould removal is a thorough vacuum duct cleaning. Use an extendable hose and attach it to your vacuum cleaner. Reach the walls and floor of your ducts and remove all the remaining dirt and soda. Vacuum clean every inch of your ducts and keep repeating till no amount of dirt and soda is seen. You can finally take a deep breath as the ducts are mould and dirt free.
Professional Duct Cleaning Services
Professional Duct Cleaning Services

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