Steps For Dry Cleaning The Curtain.

Steps For Dry Cleaning The Curtain.

While curtain cleaning is a necessary job, if you ignore the curtain cleaning in your house, the curtain will become dirtier and ugly over time. It’ll lose its charm and beauty, then there will be no use of the curtain. Curtain has several purposes to serve in a home, it filters the light and also provides privacy in the room. However, over time dust, dirt and debris come from air and settle on the curtain, when the curtain comes in contact with moisture, the dust gets converted into the mud and worsens the condition of the curtain.

In this blog, you’ll learn some easy steps to do curtain dry cleaning, so that you can do the curtain sanitization & curtain cleaning properly.

Curtain Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning

Follow The Below Steps Carefully In Order To Do The Curtain Dry Cleaning Effectively.

Here are some easy steps to do the curtain dry cleaning, to avoid any error, do as what has been mentioned.

To Start With You Need These Items.

  • Dry cleaning machine.
  • Dry cleaning solvent.
  • Commercial stain removal
  • Sponge & some piece of clothes.
  • Vacuum Cleaner.

Thoroughly vacuum Clean The Curtain.

Vacuuming the curtain is essential before dry cleaning when you use the dry cleaning machine it would not remove the dust. Therefore, dust should be cleaned first before dry cleaning. Use your vacuum cleaner to do that and attach a dust attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Now, vacuum the curtain from both the sides, cover all the area and have patience.

Treat Stains Separately.

In the next step, treat the stains, give attention to each stain and muddy area. Use a sponge and scrub it against the muddy stain, use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust. Now, focus on the stain, apply the commercial stain removal solvent on the affected area and blot it using a cloth, let the cloth absorb the stain, every time you do that the stain will gradually disappear, when it’s almost gone, look forward to the next step.

Dry Clean The Curtain.

Prepare the curtain for dry cleaning, pour the dry cleaning solvent inside the dry cleaning machine required. Turn on the machine and run the machine nozzle over the curtain, keep the curtain in a still position while cleaning. The solvent will remove the stubborn dust and dirt from the curtain also it’ll kill the bacteria. Your curtain is all sanitized and clean.

Professional Curtain Cleaning
Professional Curtain Cleaning

Call Professionals.

Professional curtain cleaners are capable of handling the job well, We at Squeaky Green Clean have hired experts who are highly skilled, because of their years of experience. We have made our services policy clear, our first priority is to serve our clients with exclusive services and benefits. We try to do our best when it comes to curtain cleaning. We stay updated with new chemical solvents and new trends in the Professional curtain cleaning industry, we use the latest type of equipment and chemical agents to do the cleaning. Call us on our 24/7 helpline number to have our services.