Steps For Cleaning Memory Foam Mattress

Cleaning the memory foam mattress is a real problem because of the structure of memory foam mattress is different from other mattresses. These mattresses are pretty much in demand in the market because of its unique design and benefits. The body weight is equally distributed on the mattress surface. Also, the comfort of the memory foam mattress is out of the world and relaxing, the cushion is designed in a way which relieves pressure points and reduces back pain.

Because of all these benefits, people buy these mattresses and sleep on it every day. While the mattress is new it serves us well but after a while, it gets dirty and dust causes disruption in the mattress. Mattress cleaning and maintenance should be done equally in order to keep the mattress in its shape. Here we have broken down the steps for memory foam mattress cleaning, go through the blog to learn the steps.

Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

Vacuum Clean The Mattress

Mattress require regular cleaning from a vacuum cleaner. Before starting mattress cleaning vacuum it thoroughly, attach a brush before vacuuming. It’ll help in removing any lint or dust which is sticking on the mattress.

Carpet Cleaning With Vaccum Cleaner
Carpet Cleaning With Vaccum Cleaner

Use A Cleaning Solution On Mattress.

Take a spray bottle and fill it half with fabric cleaner and half with water. Shake the bottle and prepare it for use. Now, place the mattress in an open place and spray the solution all over it. Let the solution sit for at least half an hour. After half an hour rinses the mattress in flowing water, you can use a hosepipe or place the mattress in a shower. Thoroughly run the water over the mattress.

Treat The Mattress Again.

The spray bottle must have become half empty till now, pour the ¼ amount of vinegar into the bottle. Now, repeat the same process, spray the solution all over the mattress and clean it thoroughly using water. Clear out the excess water by pressing the mattress gently, repeatedly press the mattress until it becomes clean.

Dry The Mattress In Fresh Air.

Place the mattress outside in a well-ventilated area, expose the mattress in the fresh air. Dry the memory foam using a hair dryer or fan, remove the water completely from the mattress, The mattress will be dry in one or two days, depending on the mattress, how much water is inside it.

The above steps shall be effective on mattress cleaning by using these methods you can sanitize and deodorize the mattress.

Mattress Dry Cleaning Service
Mattress Dry Cleaning Service

Reach Out To Us.

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