How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Swimming Pool?

The tiles made the fun we have inside the swimming pool possible, it stores water properly and makes the surface less gross, also the colour of water appears different on tiles. However, the water sometimes leaves the hard water stain on the tiles and a cloudy white residue starts to appear in the pool. However, hard water stains can be removed from the tiles, but you have to work on it. In order to remove hard water stains, you need to be consistent and energetic to do the work.
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Remove Hard Water Stains From Swimming Pool
Remove Hard Water Stains From Swimming Pool

Supplies Required To Start The Tiles Hard Water Stain Removal.

  • Rubber gloves.
  • Protection goggle.
  • Respirator.
  • Plastic bucket.
  • Plastic measuring cup.
  • Muriatic acid.
  • Old plastic spoon or piece of wood.
  • Plastic spray bottle.
  • Non Abrasive scouring pad.

Steps For Pool Tile Cleaning

  • Step 1- While opening the muriatic acid container make sure you’re wearing protective clothing, such as rubber gloves, protective glasses and a respirator mask. The muriatic acid releases toxic fumes, which can be fatal.
  • Step 2- Fill one gallon of water in a plastic bucket and then add 225 Ml of muriatic acid in it. Remember do not pour water in muriatic acid, the concentrated muriatic acid will splash and may come out from the bucket, always add water first then muriatic acid in it. Also, do not rush while pouring muriatic acid as the water will heat up and boil.
  • Step 3- Mix the solution of water and muriatic acid with the help of wood or a plastic spoon which Doesn’t have paints or any kind of printing. When you’re done with mixing, dispose of the wood or plastic spoon whichever you’re using to stir.
  • Step 4- Now, take the plastic spray bottle and fill it with the solution, to prevent any mishap label the spray bottle, as the effect of muriatic acid is long lasting thus not safe to keep it in open.
  • Step 5- Now apply the solution by spraying it on the tiles directly, use the non-abrasive scouring pad and your muscle to remove the hard water stains. When you jump into the pool, make sure you’re wearing proper clothes such as long boots and clothes which covers your whole body.
Pool Tile Cleaning
Pool Tile Cleaning

Test the Water

Keep a check on the water hardness level, check the water hardness from time to time if necessary use some chemicals to reduce the hardness in water.

Reach Out to Professionals.

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