FAQs Upholstery Cleaning

Where are your services available in Melbourne?

You can avail all of our cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. Whether you are living in Southern, Western, Northern, or Eastern suburbs – we can visit your doorstep with exceptional and guaranteed cleaning services in no time! Don’t forget to check out special discounts and offers.

Can you do leather upholstery cleaning in Melbourne?

Squeaky Green Clean specializes in leather upholstery cleaning. Though we can tackle all kinds of fabrics for upholstery cleaning such as wool, synthetic, cotton, silk, and mixed, we do specialize in leather upholstery. We are fascinated with leather upholstery and thus we have developed a passion for restoring leather upholstery for all Melbourne residents.

Do you Work on Weekends?

Yes, we do provide Couch Cleaning Services on weekends. Our team of professionals do not hesitate to provide service on weekends and public holidays. Squeaky Green Clean completely understand how busy your weekday schedule is and hence we offer weekend services too. We have many clients who call us at weekends and we happily go to their place on weekends and clean their upholstery. So, you can do reach out to us on weekends. Our team will always be there to help you out in cleaning your upholstery.

Couch Cleaning Services

Couch Cleaning Services