Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Keep Your Tiles and Grout New Looking!

Squeaky Green Clean prides themselves on many professional cleaning services for loyal customers as well as first time customers. Services like tile and grout cleaning, restoration, and sealing of tiles and natural surfaces are one of the main businesses. We provide services in both residential and commercial locations of Melbourne. We also provide cost effective maintenance programs and solutions to enhance and the life of tiles.

Squeaky Green Clean has been operational in Melbourne for over 20 years. Our customers come to us to get unmatched tile cleaning experience at an unbelievable price. Our certified and licensed cleaners make use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give your tiles a thorough cleaning. Our tile cleaning will not just clean the surface of the floors but also eliminate deeply embedded contaminants. Thus, we make your tiles not just cleaner but also healthier and more hygienic. Make your home and office floors shine again by using our splendid range of tile and grout cleaning services. Apart from cleaning we also do tile sealing, grout sealing, caulking, tile replacement, color sealing, and stain removal. Call us to know more about our services available anywhere in Melbourne! 

Our Services

  • Bathroom Tile Cleaning and Resealing Services – Bathrooms are used daily and tend to become dirty instantly. In case the bathrooms are not well ventilated, they can suffer from black mold. You must have definitely noticed black markings on grout lines. This happens due to bacterial growth. Another major issue in bathrooms is discoloring of the grout lines which could be because of soap spray. If tiles are made of natural stone and are not sealed well, it could leave marks forever. It is better to treat tiles soon rather than repenting later.

How we clean your tiles?

We have been in this business for years now and no matter how bad your tile condition is, we can clean it to make them look as new.

  • Our special treating solution can cut down all the deepest stains from your tiles which you would keep trying for hours and not succeed.
  • We can apply water-resistant sealers on bathroom tiles which would save them from future staining.
  • In case you have an issue of mold on your bathroom grouting, then we can remove it by scrubbing and sanitizing the grout.
  • Commercial Floor case – We take all commercial tile and grout cleaning work extremely seriously and follow all safety and health regulations. We are highly efficient and flexible in commercial cleaning. We understand the importance of your business and provide services at hours that don’t disturb the smooth running of your business, and cause minimal disruption to your employees.

Our Cleaning experience

We have a huge range of tools and equipment. This makes it possible for us to clean your commercial place in the shortest time. Our equipment completely clears the stains and other marks and saves your business money which you otherwise spend on replacing tiles. Since we have an experience in cleaning all variations of man-made and natural stone tiles, we are able to quickly choose the best tool to clean them and efficiently finish our task of cleaning.

  • Grout Cleaning – Grout is a porous surface which tends to collect dirt, grime, and dust very easily. Even regular mopping won’t help much. With time they become dark and start looking ugly,, and become a house for bacterial growth. They are extremely unhygienic especially if you have kids and pets crawling on the floor all day.

Our Grout Cleaning Process

  • We first spray a solution and let it stay on the surface for 20 minutes to let the accumulated soil, dirt and contamination loosen up.
  • Then we scrub the surface well and rinse with high pressure heated water and cleaning solution. This way all the contamination is wiped away.
  • After this, high powered air movers are used to dry tiles and grout lines.
  • Finally, a sealant is applied to prevent future contamination. If you like, a colored sealant can also be applied to give a newer look to your tiles.

Why choose us?

  • Our experts restore the original look of your tiles
  • We are available 24*7 to assist you in Melbourne
  • We are very quick. We complete cleaning within 4-5 hours
  • We use eco-friendly solutions and techniques to clean your surfaces
  • We give you the best and most economical packages in the market

We help you achieve far better results than even regular hand cleaning can ever do. Our trained experts first inspect and then decide the treatment process. We give you properly customized service as per your needs. For more information or getting a quotation, you can contact us on 0407 727 117.

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Best Tile Services By Squeaky Green Clean

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
So, so happy we called Squeaky Green Clean to come check out our filthy porcelain and Ceramic tiles. Rob called us an hour before his scheduled time just to tell us he would be there on time, if not a bit early. When he got there, he took a look, gave his recommendation that we also seal the tile and grout, and quoted us a nice price. He and his partner Lisa were able to start right then and there! It took them about an four and a half to do our whole house (only the bedrooms are carpeted). The difference between the tile before and after is jaw dropping. I had no idea that's what our tile was even supposed to look like when he was done! Sparkling white, clean grout lines...they look brand spanking new. He talked to my husband the whole time he was working, as if they were old buddies catching up. He is easy to talk to, trustworthy, and very confident and proud of his work (as he should be). I would definitely recommend SGC Tile and Grout!

Happy with Squeaky Green Clean Team

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
I and my whole family is very happy with Squeaky Green Clean Team. These guys are experts of floor removals. We called them when we thought of renovating our shower area. They removed the tiled floors with so much perfection that we didn’t feel any renovation work was going on in our home. Thanks to you guys.

Melbourne Masters of Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
If you got tile cleaning requirement, use Squeaky Green Clean. They have magical cleaning solutions that make your tiles gleaming, shining, and polished in one application. When I called them for my home in Southern Melbourne, I never knew my tiles could look so beautiful. And the entire process took just a few hours’ time. I am amazed!

Wow excellent Work!

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
Wow excellent! The guys showed up quickly and assessed a problem I had with a designer shower made with expensive Italian tile but which had become stained and the grout messed up. they cleaned also our marble and slate tiles in the house. They cleaned it perfectly and re-grouted the whole thing, looks like new. Plus they told me the rest of the tile in the bathroom did NOT have to be expensively cleaned and sealed, as other stone and tile people told me. Guys from squeaky green clean are honest and knowledgeable and highly recommended.

Thankful for Exceptional Tile Sealing

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
My tiles required sealing and I was suspicious of using some outside help. I am never sure of how strange technicians will treat my tiles, floors, and home and what damage they can cause. But a friend suggested Squeaky Green Clean and I called them. But I am really happy to say that they did a fine job. The tile sealing was done in a very clean and professional way without causing any damage. I would recommend their services to others too.

Affordable Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning
5 5 1
Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne offers an affordable tile cleaning service. I have personally used their domestic as well as commercial cleaning services and I am truly happy with the results. On my recommendation many of my friends have used their service to receive great cleaning services.
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