Duct Repair Melbourne

Duct Repair Melbourne

First Class Duct Repair Service in Melbourne

Squeaky Duct Repair Melbourne specialises in removing possums, rats and birds & fix broken duct pipes duct & duct unit servicing, no smell & get fresh air.

Extend the life of your Air Conditioning and Ducted Heating System & increase comfort with proper duct work.

Many ducted systems have problems over the years; most of these problems are caused by rats, possums, cats and other creatures. They chew their way into the duct work in search of a comfortable home, leaving the ducts damaged. You can’t see them but you might hear or smell them.

The damage left behind by possums is extensive, and generally all ducting will require replacement. The good news is that your insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing the damage caused by possums. We will find these problems and provide solutions to fix them.

Duct Repair Services Melbourne
Duct Repair Services Melbourne

Repair, installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning and Ducted Heating System Melbourne :

Have HVAC duct work inspected and repaired. Leaky duct vents can waste 10-30% of your home’s heating or air conditioning costs. Your heating or air conditioner will perform better and last longer with proper duct vents and piping care. The condition of your duct work system contributes to your energy costs and personal health and comfort levels.

  • If your ducts lose 20% of their air flow, efficiency decreases by half
  • Inefficient duct work reduces heating or AC system efficiency due to the system running longer and more often
  • Fresh air intakes create healthier indoor air
  • Duct work separations and small cracks leak heat and allow moisture to corrode ducts

Air Conditioning and Ducted Heating System repair, installation and replacement Melbourne Based:

  • Additional runs for home remodels
  • Repair of leaky duct work
  • Air Conditioning Piping
  • Evaporative Cooling Piping
  • Exhaust Fans Piping

We Also Repair, Replace and Install the Following:

  • Air Conditioning Piping
  • Evaporative Cooling Piping
  • Exhaust Fans Piping
  • Ducted Heating vents (Floor and Ceiling Piping)
  • Gas and oil water heater vent piping
  • Gas and oil furnace vent piping
  • Gas and oil boiler vent piping

Central Air Duct Repair Melbourne:

Experiencing problems? Do you suspect improper air flow or low quality air? Let us examine your HVAC system so that you can enjoy optimum performance. HVAC repair may also include restorative services, as defined below.

Air Duct vents Restoration – Melbourne :

Air duct vents restoration includes any number of processes. We prepare, refurbish, resurface, repair or replace any surface common to the air stream. Restoration often takes place after flood water damage in your duct vents or something dies inside the duct vents like (small rodents, mice, birds, rats) we can move their nests as well.

So don’t wait longer call Squeaky Green Clean today on – 0407 727 117

Squeaky Green Clean Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

Squeaky Green Clean commits to perform all duct cleaning services in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001. We have also been certified and assessed for meeting the requirements laid down by AS/NZS ISO 9001 for activities comprising duct cleaning, duct repair, carbon monoxide testing, duct replacement, duct fix, and heater unit servicing.
We are an unconventional and progressive cleaning service provider in Melbourne and we work to deliver the optimum level of quality in our services. The aim of our company is to make safe and superior quality cleaning services accessible to our customers and ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled at all times.
Squeaky Green Clean supports this commitment by providing ample training and enough developmental opportunities to our staff. All our staff members are made to understand the company goals and make sure that they are implemented and upheld in consensus with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
We, as a company, constantly keep elaborating our cleaning processes and services to achieve the above targets.
As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules, the workers of Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne will be answerable for delivering finest quality duct cleaning, duct repair, carbon monoxide testing, duct replacement, duct fix, and heater unit servicing services.

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Duct Repair Reviews

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Excellent Duct Repair Service

Duct Repair
5 5 1
These guys came out to clean my evaporative air cooling ducts and also repair some of the pipes on our ducted heating system. I only used them because they are a local cleaner my house smells great and no dust on my furniture. Thanks for a fantastic job!

Duct Fix Melbourne

duct repair
5 5 1
I got my duct fix on the suggestion of a professional cleaner from Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne when he arrived to clean my ducts. And now I can feel the difference in airflow and my power bills. Thanks!
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