Duct Repair Melbourne

At Duct Repair Melbourne we are also specialists in flood damaged duct repairs. In case you have a ducted heating unit that has been badly damaged as a result of excess water or flood you need to come to us because we have got the right type of machinery with expert services from our professional technicians who will handle your situation. We are renowned specialists in duct heating repairs and also replacements, our premier company is known for provision of expert services in duct repair Melbourne.
Duct Repair Melbourne
Duct Repair Melbourne

At Duct Repair Melbourne we offer the following services:

  1. We all Duct systems Servicing
  2. We carry out Cooling and Heating Duct Fixing
  3. We provide Duct Repair Services
  4. We provide Duct Installation Services
  5. We conduct Duct units Carbon Monoxide Tests

Local Duct Cleaning Experts in Melbourne

Having clean air ducts free from any mold, mildew and debris can improve the air quality at your home to a large extent. Squeaky Green Clean is dedicated to protect you from asthma and other breathing problems. We work by improving the air quality at your home with our effective duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

Air ducts at your home often become dirty due to:

  • Dirt
  • Cooking fumes
  • Drywall duct
  • Pollen
  • Air borne allergies
  • Chemical vapors arising from cleaning and washing
  • Dirt
  • Pets’ dander
  • Sneezing

We understand this, and our local duct cleaning experts help you improve the air quality at your home with our effective duct cleaning services.

Duct Repair Melbourne process

At Duct Repair Melbourne we have a competent team of experts with the requisite experience backed with the best equipment to repair all your duct systems and enable them to function at optimal efficiencies.

Same Day Duct Repair Melbourne
Same Day Duct Repair Melbourne
  • When our technician comes to your site he will keenly assess your duct unit to see if it was well installed.
  • We check for any perforations, existing holes, and any parts that are malfunctioning and also any other kind of defect.
  • Duct Repair Melbourne will take down some notes and give you an accurate quote for your duct unit.
  • The repair works will begin by first sealing all the holes, and cracks and also repairing and making replacements of any defective parts.

We are reputed for providing the following Duct Repair Melbourne to leading brands.


  1. All Lennox AirCon brands we do Duct System Repairs and Servicing
  2. All LG AirCon brands we do Duct System Repairs and Servicing
  3. All Bonaire brands we do Heating and also Cooling Repairs Services
  4. All Daikin brands we do Ducted Heating Repairs and servicing
  5. All Braemar brands we do Heating and also Cooling Heating system repairs and Servicing
  6. All Mitsubishi brands we service their Electric gas heating system.
  7. All Panasonic brands we repair and service Room Air Conditioners
  8. All Brivis brands we Repair and Service their Climate System
  9. All Coolair brands we do System Repairs and Servicing

Benefits of using Duct Repair Melbourne

  • Our Duct Repair Melbourne range of services are reputed as the most rapid because we are prompt and we expedite on any order which we carry out efficiently while charging the most affordable rates in Melbourne.
  • At Duct Repair Melbourne we have the expertise gained from years of vast experience in the provision of expert services in Duct Repair Melbourne, we are a leading duct repairs company in Melbourne and are a company if choice to most of celebrated clients who prefer us over any other company.
  • We provide 100% client satisfaction guarantee. We are available 24/7 for any emergency if required. Call us for free quote and enjoy our same day Duct Repair Melbourne expert service.

Duct Repair Melbourne facts


  • At Duct Repair Melbourne we are known for providing desirable expert services when it comes to the time of repairing ducts that have been affected by flood damages and also animal intrusions for the past several years. This work is our core business, clients fully rely on our great experience.
  • It is documented that animal intrusion is a contributing factor to malfunctioning of any duct heating systems. The intrusions are blamed on possums, stray cats, and also rats. Any animal intrusions bring about fatal damage to your system and ducts could end up being damaged completely.
  • A lot of people come to realize of duct related problems during winter at a time when they ignite their system at the onset of the season. Upon ignition, you end up noticing that there is very poor airflow through your duct unit or there is completely no airflow. Emissions of bad odors are gotten from such ducts that have been intruded by animals. At Duct Repair Melbourne we are experts in all types of duct repairs, which include those spoiled by animals.
  • Your ducts in the home constitute of a major element for a proficient thermal regulation system. When you have a properly maintained duct system in your home, then you can go on with other duties rest assured that everything in the home is running smoothly when it comes to heating and cooling.

Our Duct Repair Melbourne Team

Our Duct Repair Melbourne team of dedicated and highly trained professional technicians has excellent qualifications and expertise to efficiently carry out repairs for all clients to achieve 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Along the years in practice we have consistently built a very solid and great name for Duct Repair Melbourne through professionalism and unrivalled client services in Melbourne and its environs.

Excellent Duct Repair Services

Duct vents repair
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I was looking for an affordable yet reliable duct repair company in Melbourne. Then someone close suggested me about duct about Squeaky Green Cleaning. He had suggested their name after having a good experience with their services. So, I also decided to hire them after clearing my queries. Their duct cleaning and repairing team appeared on the given time on the given day and carried out the best results.

Affordable Duct Repair Service

Duct vents repair
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I got my duct repaired from Squeaky Green Clean last month. As per the professional's advice regular duct cleaning service twice a year is good for your cooling system. It also helps in keeping your machine in a good working condition. This will really improve indoor air quality by allowing a fresh air come into your home. Book them for your Air conditioning system duct cleaning for a longer and better life of your unit.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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