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Maddingley’s Squeaky Green Clean

Known for the Squeaky clean job and the Green, eco-friendly solutions used, Squeaky Green Clean is one of the most opted Carpet cleaners in Maddingley. We provide all kinds of carpet cleaning services and you can get a quote about any of our service from our website. We are one of the most reasonably priced carpet cleaners in the locality and our services are available 27 *7 and even on weekend. We provide a number of discounts on our services every now and then for the best interest of our clients.

Carpet Cleaning Process in Maddingley

Carpet Cleaning Maddingley
Carpet Cleaning Maddingley

Our certified technicians are dedicated to provide an all-inclusive and comprehensive carpet cleaning process.

The carpet steam cleaning involves:

  • Inspection – The first step is to inspect the carpet to see which cleaning method should be employed.
  • Dry vacuuming – Dry vacuuming removes all dry soil and other particles from the carpet.
  • Pre-treatment of stains – The stains on the carpet are pre-treated for better cleaning.
  • Washing – Washing is done using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Hot Water Extraction – Hot water extraction employs hot water with great pressure to clean the carpet and then vacuum is used to suck everything out.
  • Pile Setting – After cleaning, the piles of the carpet are set to retain softness.
  • Drying – Quick drying is done using industry level dryers.
  • Deodorizing – Finally the carpet is deodorized to give a pleasant smell.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Squeaky Green Clean also provides carpet dry cleaning all across Maddingley. The process involves:

  • Pre vacuuming of the carpet to eliminate dry contaminants.
  • Use of agitation tools to wash the carpets with chemical free cleaning agents.
  • Stain treatment to remove all kinds of tough stains.
  • Post cleaning vacuuming for carpet drying.
Expert Carpet Cleaning Maddingley
Expert Carpet Cleaning Maddingley

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Keeping the carpet clean in your home or business can be a huge challenge, especially where carpets face heavy foot traffic. However, keeping carpet cleaning improves not only the appearance but also the life of your carpet. Regular cleaning also affects the health of the residents or employees. Also, carpet cleaning increases the selling value of the property.

Some homeowners prefer to clean carpets themselves, but the results are mediocre at best. The main problem is that a carpet gets dirty not only from the surface but also from deep within. One square metre of carpet is capable of holding nearly a pound of dry dirt without appearing to be dirty at all. That “dry dirt” down in your carpet is made up of harmful contaminants like bacteria, mould, allergens, soil, human skin flakes, and so on. These contaminants can trigger allergies making inhabitants feel sick and miserable.

Squeaky Green Clean Maddingley is committed to provide our customers with exceptional service and thoroughly clean carpets. When you hire us, we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. We employ state of the art cleaning methods to safely and effectively remove dirt and stains from your carpets. We strive to make your carpets look as brilliant and colorful as they were the day you had them installed.

Carpet Cleaning After - Before
Carpet Cleaning After – Before

Carpet Cleaning Facts

Here are some hard hitting facts about carpet cleaning that you probably don’t know:

  • By the time you can actually “see” the dirt on your carpet, the actual damage has already begun.
  • Carpets act as a magnet for contaminant including feces, pet dander, dust mites, salt, dirt, road grime, and much more!
  • Contaminants can be very abrasive and if left unchecked will wear down your carpet and permanently damage the fibers.
  • Regularly cleaning the carpets not only makes your carpet look better but also prolongs its life.
  • Clean carpet creates a sanitary living and working environment. It also allows allergy sufferers to breathe easier.

We are pleased to offer a complete green clean carpet cleaning service. And we use only eco-friendly, non toxic cleaning solutions for your precious carpets. We don’t leave any carbon footprints behind.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Maddingley
Professional Carpet Cleaning Maddingley

Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions by Squeaky Green Clean

Squeaky Green Clean Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

Squeaky Green Clean commits to perform all its carpet cleaning services in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001. We have also been certified and assessed for meeting the requirements laid down by AS/NZS ISO 9001 for carpet cleaning services.

Squeaky Green Clean supports this commitment by providing ample training and enough developmental opportunities to our staff. All our staff members are made to understand the company goals and make sure that they are implemented and upheld in consensus with AS/NZS ISO 9001.

We, as a company, constantly keep elaborating our cleaning processes and services to achieve the above targets.

As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules, the workers of Squeaky Green Clean Maddingley will be answerable for delivering finest quality carpet cleaning services.

Lowest Prices in Maddingley

If carpet cleaning is on your mind then we are the most reliable, professional, and user friendly carpet cleaners in Maddingley. We are Squeaky Green Clean Maddingley – a local company that delivers absolute satisfaction and guaranteed results to all our customers Maddingley wide at the most affordable prices.

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning

Squeaky Green Clean Maddingley is a leading name because

  • We are certified and licensed cleaners
  • We offer lowest prices for carpet cleaning
  • We are locals and serve all suburbs of Maddingley
  • We work 24×7 on weekends and public holidays too
  • We don’t use any chemicals
  • We offer same day/emergency carpet cleaning services

About Maddingley – Amazing Fact

As per the 2016 census, Maddingley had a population of only 3453.

Case History

Last night we received an appointment booking from one of our client who wished to get her daughter’s carpets clean before she moved into her new house. We immediately responded that are team was ready to be there on cue.

To give your carpets that top-notch quality cleaning that they deserve, hire our experts today by calling on 0407 727 117!

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Maddingley:

How To Make The Carpet Last Long?

In order to be able to use a carpet for a prolonged period of time, you need to take good care of it. Taking good care includes, cleaning it, keeping it clean and removing all kinds of dirt and stains from it as soon as it occurs, vacuuming it once a week and so on. To be further sure about the longevity of your carpet it is essential that you hire an expert in Maddingley once in a while and shampoo, disinfect and deodorize your carpet even if it is clean to look at.

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