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Carpet Cleaning Hillside? Give us a call before hiring home carpet steam cleaning specialists. Same Day Carpet Cleaner available !!!
Call us on 0407727117 to book certified Carpet Steam Cleaning Hillside based, Zero Spot Carpet Cleaning in Hillside
Squeaky Green Clean Specializing in residential and commercial carpet steam cleaning since 1994. Our deluxe carpet steam cleaners are guaranteed to remove harmful abrasive soils which can cause your carpets to lose their luster and beauty. Steam Cleaning helps to maintain and extend the life of your carpet and fabrics by using the safest cleaning agents in our carpet steam cleaners.
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Couch steam clean

Hi there, I’m after a quote for a really good steam clean on a 5 x seated sofa lounge suite mainly to remove cat urine

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Carpet Cleaning Hillside
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Have pets, children, or suffer from allergies? No problem. All our cleaning agents are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for pets, children, and allergy sufferers

Carpet Cleaning Process in Hillside

Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive and comprehensive carpet cleaning process.
Every carpet steam cleaning includes:

  • Pre-treating of tough stains and soils.
  • The use of commercial grade, carpet steam cleaners.
  • Gentle agitation of fibers to loosen and remove harmful dirt and particles.
  • No matter how tough the job the professional carpet steam cleaners at Squeaky Green Clean can get the job done.
  • Our proven carpet cleaning process lifts out the most difficult stains leaving your carpets clean, sanitized, and your whole housing smelling and feeling fresh.
  • Squeaky Green Clean has over 20 years of carpet steam cleaning experience and hundreds of happy customers.

Carpet Dry Cleaning:

Squeaky Green Clean Dry Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning and restoration company that has been serving Hillside for 20 years. During that time, we have worked hard to become Hillside’s premier carpet cleaning and restoration experts. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and thoroughly clean carpets. When you hire us, we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. We employ state of the art cleaning methods to safely and effectively remove dirt and stains from your carpets. We strive to make your carpets look as brilliant and colorful as they were the day you had them installed. Keeping the carpet clean in your home or business can be huge challenge, especially in houses or businesses with heavy foot traffic and/or pets. However, keeping carpet clean can improve only the appearance and longevity of your carpet. Regular cleaning can also benefit the health of the residents or employees with allergies. Finally, thoroughly clean carpets can help to increase the selling value of the home.
A lot of families prefer carpet in a home above any other type of flooring. Because carpet is soft and absorbs sound, many families with young children prefer it to keep their homes quieter and also to keep their children protected from falls. Carpet has the additional benefit of making a home better insulated, so it also stays warmer in the winter. However, in order to keep looking its best and avoid being a respiratory health hazard, carpet needs to be kept clean. Some things like regular vacuuming and the occasional spot cleaning, a family can do themselves. However, carpets also require periodic deep cleaning which should come at the hands of a professional carpet cleaner.
Some homeowners prefer to clean carpets themselves, but the results are mediocre at best. The main problem is the fact that a carpet can appear to be clean and still be filled with dirt. In fact, one square mitre of carpet is capable of holding nearly a pound of dry dirt without appearing to be dirty at all. That “dry dirt” down in your carpet is made up of contaminants like feces, pet dander, dust mites, road grime, and salt, among other things. In particular, pet dander and dust mites can trigger allergies in family members, making them feel sick and miserable.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Hillside
Carpet Steam Cleaning Hillside

Here are some facts about carpet cleaning to keep in mind:
By the time you can actually “see” the dirt on your carpet, you have already started to do damage to your carpet’s fibers.
Carpets act as a magnet for contaminates including feces, pet dander, dust mites, salt, dirt, road grime, and much more!
Contaminants can be very abrasive and if left unchecked will wear down your carpet and permanently damage the fibers.
Regularly cleaning carpets the carpets in your home not only makes your carpet look better but also prolongs its life.
Clean carpet creates a sanitary environment in which to live and breathe. It also allows allergy sufferers to breathe easier.

We are pleased to offer a complete green clean carpet cleaning service. More and more of today’s homeowners are conscious of protecting the environment and also of the dangers that can come from exposing their families to potentially harmful chemicals.
We Also Clean Area Rugs!!

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ECO FRIENDLY - Squeaky Green Clean
ECO FRIENDLY – Squeaky Green Clean
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Carpet steamed cleaner
Best Carpet steamed cleaner in Hillside

Carpet Cleaning Specialists Hillside
Eco-friendly Carpet Steam Cleaning

Squeaky Green Clean Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

Squeaky Green Clean commits to perform all its carpet cleaning services in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001. We have also been certified and assessed for meeting the requirements laid down by AS/NZS ISO 9001 for activities comprising carpet steam cleaning, carpet water damage restoration, carpet stain removal, carpet dry cleaning, carpet repair, and carpet sanitizing.
We are an unconventional and progressive cleaning service provider in Hillside and we work to deliver the optimum level of quality in our services. The aim of our company is to make safe and superior quality cleaning services accessible to our customers and ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled at all times.
Squeaky Green Clean supports this commitment by providing ample training and enough developmental opportunities to our staff. All our staff members are made to understand the company goals and make sure that they are implemented and upheld in consensus with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
We, as a company, constantly keep elaborating our cleaning processes and services to achieve the above targets.
As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules, the workers of Squeaky Green Clean Hillside will be answerable for delivering finest quality carpet steam cleaning, carpet water damage restoration, carpet stain removal, carpet dry cleaning, carpet repair, and carpet sanitizing services.

Quality Carpet Cleaning At Lowest Prices in Melbourne

If carpet cleaning is in your mind then we are the most reliable, professional, and user friendly carpet cleaners in Melbourne. We are Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne – a 20 year old local company that delivers absolute satisfaction and guaranteed results to all our customers Melbourne wide at the most affordable prices.

We have numerous other services to take proper care of your carpets, apart from carpet cleaning. These include carpet water damage restoration, carpet stain removal, carpet repair, commercial carpet cleaning, emergency flood water carpet cleaning, carpet mould restoration, pet stain and odour removal from carpets, and so on.

To give your carpets that top-notch quality cleaning that they deserve, call our experts today!

Squeaky Carpet Steam Cleaning Methodology

We are a bunch of dedicated and passionate cleaners who wish to restore each carpet that we come across. We treat your precious carpets as our own at Squeaky Green Clean Melbourne and each carpet gets personalized attention here. Our carpet steam cleaning involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection – The first step is to inspect the carpet to see which cleaning method should be employed.
  2. Dry vacuuming – Dry vacuuming removes all dry soil and other particles from the carpet.
  3. Pre-treatment of stains – The stains on the carpet are pre-treated for better cleaning.
  4. Washing – Washing is done using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  5. Hot water extraction – Hot water extraction employs hot water with great pressure to clean the carpet and then vacuum is used to suck everything out.
  6. Pile setting – After cleaning, the piles of the carpet are set to retain softness.
  7. Drying – Quick drying is done using industry level dryers.
  8. Deodorizing – Finally the carpet is deodorized to give a pleasant smell.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Benefits

  1. The high temperature of water is used to kill bacteria and other contaminants.
  2. The high pressure of water breaks down difficult stains and makes it easy to clean them.
  3. The final step of extraction makes your carpet look completely rejuvenated.

Pick up your phone and call the carpet experts today!

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Amazing Results Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
Had Ben from squeaky green clean at our home to clean our carpets and rugs. apart from being very courteous and right on time, he did a great job and am very pleased with the final result. stains in the carpet left by previous cleaners were removed. he advised on both steam or dry clean so I went for the steam clean. carpets were dry in a few hours which really pleased me. would certainly recommend to friends and family.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
They have provided us with the best carpet steam cleaning service we have ever used in our lifetime. Our carpets have got rid of all kinds of stains and odours. They even did the repairing job at a minute’s notice at a minimal cost. All four of our carpets have become so clean to be used that we don’t stop our kids from sitting on them anymore because we know they are contaminants free now.

Thanks for Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
Thanks thanks a lot. My carpet looks new now, it has so many water and coffee marks on it, but now its looks that they never had. I like your service Squeaky Green Clean and also recommended to all you guys.

Thankful for Exceptional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
I would recommend Squeaky Green Clean to anyone, any time! They were not only expert and polite, the price was best. The tech who came to my home to clean my Carpet was timely, and kind and understanding that I was anxious about cleaning the Carpet on a pricey piece of house. My Carpet looks BRAND NEW! It's bright again, and I love knowing that it's sanitized.

Carpets got a New Look

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
Our carpets got a brand new look with Squeaky Green Clean’s carpet cleaning services. Also, when we combined it with another cleaning service, we got special discounts. So it was a win-win situation for us. And they have used a stain protector on our carpets that will protect them from stains in future as well. This is surely a value for money service. Thank you so much.

Surprised with Their Customer Service

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
Cleaning experts mostly mean business and have a professional attitude. We were accustomed to the same until we explored Squeaky Green Clean. The team is so courteous to their customers that it does not feel as if they have been hired to do the job. They cleaned our carpets just like anybody would clean their own. We became fan of their customer service and for this reason we have been using their services for the last 5 years.

outstanding Carpet Cleaning!!

Carpet Steam Cleaning
5 5 1
I heard the add on the radio and booked on the website yesterday, and had Matthew out to clean my carpet today. I just wanted to let you know how delightful he was to have in my home, and what a great job he did on my carpet. He is such a friendly and professional man, and an asset to your company. I would definitely like to have him back for my next clean, and would like to thank you for an outstanding service.

Exceptional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning
4 5 1
I got my carpets cleaned after my baby’s birthday party last month by Squeaky Green Clean. And it felt as if they were never ever dirty or stained. They have been beautifully revived and have been exceptionally cleaned. The best part is they were prompt and have detailed attention to the entire cleaning process. They also ensured that my kids stayed amused while they cleaned the carpet. They answered all the frivolous questions asked by my toddler in a very gentle manner. They were extremely friendly. Thank you so much for such a fine carpet cleaning service.
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